Why New Americans

We help New Americans in their career paths and prepare them to step into job roles seamlessly by providing support with their resumes, job applications, network connections, interviews, and career ladders.

We Collaborate With Major Employers

The Challenge

Diversity and unique perspectives amplify the competitiveness of modern companies — our candidates can offer just that.

One of the most impactful ways for New Americans to become productive, engaged, valued members of communities is through employment. Doing so ensures that they can become self-sufficient, independent, and stable neighbors whose skills serve and strengthen local businesses and organizations while also contributing to community prosperity.

At New American Staffing, retention is at the heart of our mission. We work with our parent organization, Luminus, to provide job placement for work-authorized immigrants. Then we supplement the candidates’ existing work experience with the resources and training that allow them to be valuable assets to the workforce.

Our Mission & Vision

Bridging the Gap

Our goal is to nurture relationships between job seekers and employers that are mutually beneficial and champion an inclusive and diverse workplace. We provide innovative programs that equip New Americans with the knowledge and skills that lead to a road of self-sufficiency.

We know that all of society benefits when New Americans are empowered to realize their dreams and contribute to the economic well-being of their communities.

Our Impact

Dawood’s Story

"If New American Staffing had not helped me, I would never have gotten a job in my field."

Dawood* has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and more than ten years of professional experience in senior level positions working in national and international organizations.

After he arrived in the United States and contacted New American Staffing, we assisted him with his resume, cultural orientation training, interview skills, and strategies to apply to various organizations and companies. Within two months, he got a good job as a Project Engineer in a construction company.

* Pseudonym used to protect identity.

Our Impact

Juan's Story

Juan* holds an associate degree in Electrical Engineering and has ten years of professional experience. After arriving in the United States, he tried to obtain a job in his field but was unsuccessful. He accepted a job at Amazon, working the night shift for seven months. Finally, a friend of his introduced him to NAS.

“NAS contacted me and asked about my abilities and qualifications. They helped me update my resume and prepare for job interviews. After only 4 days, I was introduced to a company and invited for an interview. One of the NAS staff members even accompanied me to the interview. After two days, I was given a job offer. I would never have imagined such a wonderful opportunity as NAS has provided me, thank you New American Staffing.”

* Pseudonym used to protect identity.

Our Impact

Jameel’s Story

Says Jameel*, “I arrived [in] the United States with eight family members and a basic understanding of English. I was unemployed for 5 months. I was [referred to] a Cultural Orientation training offered by New American Staffing. As I entered the room, I was greeted by members of NAS and registered for the program after completing the training. A few weeks later, NAS contacted and worked with me individually to help me secure a job. They were able to help me secure a permanent full-time opportunity at an auto shop. The best part is that I received an increase in salary after only a short period. This was a dream come true for me and NAS was a miracle!”

* Pseudonym used to protect identity.