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New American Staffing specializes in job placement and retention for New Americans. We provide individualized support that helps place candidates in jobs that fit their personal and professional goals.

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Starting a career again in a new country without knowing how to navigate the cultural barriers or workforce can be complicated. New American Staffing is here to help you each step of the way. We help job seekers to build resumes and develop the necessary skills to be exceptional candidates. Our team can help create career ladder plans and connect you with employers for jobs. Our goal is to empower New Americans by helping them succeed and be satisfied in their new roles.


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This program is available to all work authorized immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and first-generation Americans.

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Gain access to a wide range of support services to help you excel in your career. Services include:

  • Resumes & Job Applications
  • Mock Interviews
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Career Ladders & 180-Days Action Plans
  • Soft Skills & English Acquisition

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